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Smoothies are big business. First they were an indulgent way to get a couple of your five-a-day, then a high-end gym staple and now ubiquitous.  But while enterprising supermarkets and juice bars are engaged in an arms-race of flavour combinations – mango and mint is surprisingly good – are they actually doing anyone any good? […]

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How To Ditch Bad Habits

It’s estimated that 40% of the things we do each day are habitual rather than conscious choices. Our brains develop the ability to perform repetitive tasks without thinking and when this is a positive thing like brushing your teeth or going for a run, it isn’t a problem – but if it’s eating sugary snacks, […]

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16 Expert Weight-Loss Tips

1. Upgrade your tastes says Jess Wolny, personal trainer Make it easier for yourself to make better choices. The phrase “acquired taste” is basically redundant for food – all your tastes are acquired, so acquire healthier tastes and you’ll want to eat healthier. Make the change to black coffee instead of cappuccinos or dark chocolate […]

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