Diet Whey Isolean

Supporting your lean muscle goals, new Isolean offers 25g of high-quality whey protein and just 1.4g of sugar. It creates an optimum environment for lean muscle maintenance while limiting the build-up of surplus calories.

The breakdown of muscle through resistance training necessitates muscular repair, and the new Isolean provides the precise nutrition you need to maintain muscle – in four delicious new flavours: cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake, cherry bakewell and vanilla.

Complementing your daily nutrition with added vitamins, L-carnitine and green tea extract, Isolean may be the answer to your summer workout goals.

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Isoco Protein Coconut Water

If you’re one of the millions to have developed a coconut water love affair recently, the thought of adding protein to nature’s recovery drink could really knock your favourite gym socks off. Delivering 19.5g of high-quality protein, Isoco is a ready-to-drink coconut water available in three exotic new flavours: grapefruit-orange, strawberry-banana and mango-pineapple.

A large part of the human body is made up of water, and a lot of these fluids are lost during your hard workouts. Isoco delivers a low-fat and low-sugar solution that could replenish nutrients lost, by drawing from the hydration benefits of coconuts. Isoco may be the match made in heaven for coconut and protein lovers alike.

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