New Men’s Hair Products

Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream

This hair care classic will give you a casual yet stylish look. It contains burdock root, which promotes hair growth, green tea extract to protect your scalp and eucalyptus oil to brush off dandruff. £16, buy on

Fudge Urban Matte Up Anti-Gravity Powder Styler

Apply it to your roots and the wheat protein will help your hair appear thicker. It will also lock in moisture for a fuller, healthier look. £6.99, buy on

Kiehl’s Texturizing Clay

Made with Moroccan lava clay, this versatile product gives long-lasting hold and can be used to bring volume to your hair without adding weight. £19.50, buy on

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Dry Fish Texturising Shampoo

Last-minute date? Then this dry shampoo, which also adds volume to your mop, will come to the rescue. Sadly it can’t make up for your terrible jokes or constant references to your exes. £4.99,, buy on

Kiehl’s Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner

Ah, but it’s not just a shampoo and conditioner, you see. It also uses essential oils to moisturise your scalp so you don’t look like you’ve emerged from a snowstorm. £9, buy on

Aveda Pramasana Scalp Cleanser

If you take your scalp cleansing seriously and want a product dedicated to the job, this purifying cleanser, which helps to protect against pollution, is for you. £23.50, buy on

Fudge Urban Hold Up Inflatable Jelly

If you’re getting a little light on top, reach for this innovative jelly. It promises to double your hair density – and it works instantly. £6.99,, buy on

A Quick Guide To Classic Men’s Hair Products

We’ve spent far too much time standing slackjawed in front of a rack of men’s hair styling products – paralyzed by our ignorance of wax, paste, pomade, etc etc. And we know you don’t want to spend that much time learning about the finer points of hair cream. So here’s our quick and dirty guide to which hair product should work for your barnet.


What is it? It has a thick consistency that usually includes some moisturising ingredients.

How does it work? It separates and defines each strand to give texture and hold so you can style and re-style.

How much should you use? A pea-sized amount, unless you have longer hair.

What styles does it suit? It’s perfect for creating an “effortlessly messy” look on short or medium-length hair.

Davines This Is A Shine Wax, £15.95, buy on,


What is it? Similar to wax, but with a stronger hold.

How does it work? Once heated, it bonds to hair to give it extra thickness.

How much should you use? Rub a marble-sized blob into your palm, then apply.

What styles does it suit? A versatile product, paste is perfect for creating messy quiffs and “bed head” looks. It’s also brilliant for controlling longer, wavier hair.

Percy Nobleman Matt Paste, £13, buy on, check price on


What is it? Ingredients can vary, but most creams have a thin consistency.

How does it work? It’s primarily a moisturiser with a light hold, but can be combined with waxes or pomades.

How much should you use? Start with a penny-sized scoop and add more if required.

What styles does it suit? Creams can be used on almost any style to provide added shine and protection.

Murdock London Hair Play Moulding Cream, £14, buy on, check price on


What is it? Pomades are typically water- or petroleum-based gels.

How does it work? Fatty ingredients mean it rarely dries, so add it to damp hair to create a ‘50s-style sheen.

How much should you use? A pound coin-sized amount. Be warned: it’s difficult to wash out.

What styles does it suit? Retro looks that require methodical combing such as quiffs, ducktails or pompadours.

The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade, £10, buy on, check price on